Thank You

Thank you for the end of September.

Thank you for light among the stones.

Thank you for a clear blue sky and calm water after the smoke and trouble of summer.

Thank you for flocks of geese passing overhead.

Thank you that many smooth strokes lead to miles of exploration.

Thank you for green and blue depths.

Thank you for the lone cormorant and for the loon calling invisibly from the shadows.

Thank you for little swell waves from yesterday’s wind.

Thank you for proof that fire releases nutrients which awaken a succession of plants that will eventually lead to a new forest.

Thank you for the man in silhouette who reads calmly on his dock next to his wet and happy dog.

Thank you for a campground that is quiet after many people have gone home.

Thank you for a faint, waning moon in the west that drifts down like a white feather.

Thank you for how the lake stores summer’s heat and slowly releases it through the fall, a safer season to paddle than spring.

Thank you for time, for life after responsibility, for freedom to go.

Thank you for oatmeal raisin cookies on the counter when I return.


11 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Hi Gary. What a lovely tribute. “Thank you for light among the stones” is perfect in simplicity and evocative beauty. Happy that you have been once again back in your element. Best, Babsje

  2. Thank you, Gary, for these wonderfully rich particulars, both serious and lighthearted, these beautiful details connecting the small-scale with the grand. Thank you for bringing us into your gratitude and your time on the lake. Thank you for these bright images in your photographs and words.

  3. Your meditation full of gratitude and peace is so very welcome in this season of the autumnal equinox. Thank you, Gary.

  4. What a perfect poem cherishing all we have and the passing of the seasons. I am also so envious of the water clarity you have, a rarity in our part of the country.

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